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High Rise Construction Litigation

High Rise Projects present unique challenges to the investigation and prosecution of cases involving construction defects and non-conforming work.  ROBERTSON & ASSOCIATES, LLP has extensive experience representing owners of high rise hotels, gaming resorts and condominiums around the country.

Many construction defect lawyers focus their practices only on residential projects and lack the experience necessary to successfully handle the complex issues that are frequently involved in a commercial high rise project.  These cases often involve mechanic's liens, performance bonds, design defects, liquidated damages for delay, non-conforming work and construction defects. Non-conforming work involves work that deviates from the approved plans and specifications, but does not necessarily cause damage to the property.  Obtaining a successful recovery for the Owner requires an experienced construction attorney who can navigate through insurance coverage, surely law and construction law. 

A few representative high rise cases handled by ROBERTSON & ASSOCIATES include:


Four Turnberry Place Construction Litigation

Mr. Robertson recovered $6,300,000 for the HOA of this 50-story luxury high rise tower in a construction defect case against the developer and several subcontractors.  Issues involved mechanical, plumbing, curtain wall, waterproofing, concrete, structural and sound attenuation defects.



Beau Rivage Hotel Construction Litigation

Mr. Robertson represented the Owner of this property following Hurricane Katrina, which severely damaged the hotel.  In the days following this unprecedented natural disaster, Alex put together a team of forensic construction and environmental experts to provide damage assessments to the Owner for the preparation of insurance claims.  Because all utilities had been destroyed in Biloxi by the hurricane, Robertson's team rented motor homes, satellite phones, generators, etc. and set up a self-sufficient temporary camp in the parking lot of the property to support their mission. 



Bellagio Construction Litigation

Mr. Robertson represented the Owner of this 5-Star luxury hotel in a construction defect lawsuit against the general contractor and several subcontractors.  The issues involved leaking shower pans in 2,600 guest rooms, remediation of mold, and rebuilding the entire shower assemblies in all guest rooms over a six month period. Alex successfully recovered a substantial settlement for the Owner (amount confidential).  One of the challenges of this case was performing destructive testing of the marble showers in an occupied luxury hotel.  Robertson's team of experts prepared a plan which involved destructively testing 109 guest room showers per floor on a seven day, 24 hour cycle.  This allowed the Owner to rebuild the showers immediately after destructive testing was complete on a floor-by-floor basis for a total of 26 floors of typical guest rooms.



Mr. Robertson represented the Owner of this 48-story oceanfront high rise in a products liability case against a national drywall manufacturer.



Hotel Erwin Construction Litigation

Mr. Robertson represented the Owner of this 120 room boutique mid-rise hotel in Venice Beach, CA., in a construction defect lawsuit against the general contractor, which involved waterproofing, structural and plumbing defects.  Alex recovered $5,500,000 for the Owner.



Bellagio Spa Tower Construction Litigation

Mr. Robertson defended the Owner against a $5,800,000 mechanic's lien action brought by the general contractor.  The issues involved change orders, liquidated damages for delay and non-conforming work.